How to Equip Your Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is the best for professionally and perfectly prepare outdoor meals. There is a broad spectrum of awesome kitchen equipment. The grill is the most frequently used outdoor equipment. It is convenient for outdoor living, camps and garden occasions just to name a few. Grills come in different designs, sizes and configurations.

Types of Grills for Outdoor Kitchen

There are two main types of outdoor grills in the market today. These are the charcoal only grills and the gas grill. The charcoal grill require the use of charcoal and it is perfect for barbequed foods which range from grilled chicken, pork, bacon to uniquely barbequed vegetables. The charcoal is best used after ashing.

The gas grill comes in various models, which include: mono fuel, duo fuel and the multi fuel models. Apart from the usual use of propane or gas, these advanced grills can be modified to use wood and charcoal. These grills result in perfectly grilled foods which have a tender and crispy delicious taste.

Kitchen Grill Brands

Kitchen grills come in various high quality brands. The brands include:

  • Electri-Chef
  • Cal Flame
  • Twin Eagles
  • Luxor
  • Kamado Dragon
  • Hasty Bake
  • Beef eater

These brands are stand alone grills made of reliable and long lasting material which can withstand any harsh weather outdoor conditions. They will definitely give the best results for any skillful culinary talent.

exteriorkitchenThe refrigerator is a vital outdoor kitchen equipment. The most preferred are the Gourmet refrigerators, since they are totally efficient in energy saving as well as providing uniform temperature. They also have stainless steel interiors with ample space and racks for fresh groceries.

For the perfectly chilled beverages, the best cooling equipment is the outdoor beverage freezer. Outdoor wine chillers also offer excellent cooling services in areas of high temperatures. It is however advisable to be very careful with the refrigerators as they are very delicate.

Weather proof pizza ovens are also some of the outdoor kitchen equipment that cannot be ignored. These are the latest addition for outdoor catering and are made from fully harsh weather proof material. They cannot only be used for pizza preparation but for a variety of cakes and even a delicious casserole.

exteriorkitchen2The lobster boil pit offers the best solution for perfectly cooked lobster. This pit can also cook a variety of seafood ranging from shrimps, crabs to crayfish. Deep fry foods can also be prepared from these pits.

The ice maker is an outdoor equipment that will ensure that ice never runs out. They come in different models, those that can be integrated in the refrigerator or the stand alone type. Weather tight cabinets are important for storage of utensils. The latest cabinets have unique warming drawers and also adorn tilt in trash cans.

For long cooking periods at low temperature, the smoker is the best equipment. The smoker has various models, the charcoal, gas and electric model with temperature controls. The electric smoker is the best for roasting and smoking ham and turkey.

Outdoor Living

The outdoor living trend has been on the rise in recent days. Patio furniture as well as LCD TV will offer extreme comfort and entertainment.

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